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As creators of IRL experiences, the one thing we DESPISE with the industry is the lack of a single, easy-to-use platform where WE, the creators, can control the entire ticket lifecycle including fees.
So we fixed that.
With industry-leading service that goes beyond the ticket stub, powers event, experience, and activity creators to deliver results that exceed your goals with a single, easy-to-use platform.
Everything you need for a
seamless ticketing experience
From awareness to scanning and post-event fan engagement, empowers creators
to manage the entire event lifecycle, issue tickets, and seamlessly validate them at the venue.

Eliminate ticket fraud
& scalping

Every ticket sold is secured on the Polygon blockchain, meaning tickets can no longer be forged or scalped. With fan-to-wallet-to-ticket ID verification in the background, cracks down on ticket fraud while providing a seamless ticketing experience for your attendees.
This industry-leading technology ensures a better ticketing experience for fans and event organizers alike
5 second rotating QR codes eliminate ticket fraud & scalping from static ticket stubs
1:1 Mobile-ticket verification connects all QR codes to a mobile device, verifying the IRL attendee is indeed the ticket holder

Understand the changing
needs of all your attendees

Measure every engagement, down to the very last detail, to maximize ROI and boost ticket retention. Gain actionable insights far beyond just your events' to build better immersive experiences for your audience.
Understand attendee interests based on who they engage with at your event, plus see other events your audience is attending
Measure how active attendees are during your event with sponsor & exhibitor scanning capabilities
Sponsor ROI with native promotion to drive awareness and traffic to both physical and online sponsors

Free, paid, discounted, loaned, rented, or auctioned...
it's all possible

Offer your attendees a combination of paid, free, or discounted tickets with easy-to-assign discount codes to drive more conversions for your events. Plus, empower fans to sell, rent out, or auction tickets on the secondary market with limited markups & fees, all controlled by you!
Payments securely processed through Stripe
135+ currencies supported + Apple PayTM & Google PayTM
Allow attendees to rent or auction their tickets if they can no longer attend
Simple and affordable fee structure with 2% or less on all paid tickets

Stay ahead of the curve with key event insights

From sales tracking, converting channels, and IRL event engagement analytics, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of what makes your audience tick and how to get them to convert.
Track where your attendees are coming from and whose converting with promo codes, affiliate links, and Google Analytics connectivity
Understand which segment of your audience is engaging with your sponsors, then provide this information back to them
Accurately measure the reach of sponsored sections of your event to prove sponsor ROI in an instant

It's never been easier to reward attendees ticketing empowers event organizers to directly provide incentives and ongoing loyalty programs to their community. With direct access to your communities secured wallets, you can ...
Provide in-event discounts, coupons, or freebies to your attendees as they engage with your event
Send discounted tickets for the following year's event to all active attendees
Automatically have attendees join the loyalty program. Every $1 spent earns 1 point towards awesome freebies
Attract continued repeat purchases with programmable air-drops, rewards, and so much more

Conversion-optimized ticketing pages are easy to build

With our no code, built-to-launch, fully responsive ticketing pages, you'll be ready to start selling tickets in minutes!
Add all event information directly from the admin portal
Customizable FAQs ensure your attendees know everything they need to about the event
Upload static or dynamic tickets - get as creative as you want with it!
From awareness to conversion & ongoing
engagement, centralize your ticketing &
marketing efforts.
Extensive list of tech integrators including
Attentive,, Klaviyo & more that
exceed expectations.
Expertise crossing international borders
with companies including Samsung, Aon,
Google, and Bitcoin Media.
Our partnership with NonFun makes web3-native social media and community management
available to all creators on INSID3RS! Curate your following, foster industry alliances, engage
with fans, and maximize IRL event attendance.

Continued fan engagement for the life of the ticket ensures optimal conversion rates, brand-building opportunities for your event and your sponsors, and post-event ongoing relationship management with event guests.

Curate masterful IRL experiences for your fans and keep them coming back for
more with ongoing community airdrops & meetups.

Our team have worked on some pretty AMAZING experiences:

BTC 2022

From discovery call through attendee follow-up, our team will take your
experiential vision and build an out-of-this-world experience that draws crowds
and months of conversations.

Did we mention your tickets are secured on the blockchain?
Tickets on the blockchain are secure, easily verifiable, and work the same as modern e-tickets.
Cut down on ticket fraud and sharing
Creators control all fees, including secondary market fees
Direct access to wallet IDs improves marketing
Exclusive Events Live Now
First 50 lifetime platform purchasers will be invited to join the INSID3RS Elite!
Benefits include: Input on new products - Invite-only Beta Tests - Exclusive Events
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Platforms such as Ticketmaster, StubHub, GET Protocol and Yellowheart take on average 3% at a minimum per transaction (CC) + add on fees that you can't control + gas fees per transaction, upsetting your fans and forcing them to spend more. With, you pay the package chosen + 1.5% fees. That's it.

Recent updates in privacy laws and software such as IOS 14 & IOS 15 are making it much more difficult to monetize marketing efforts by ensuring targeted delivery. With our KYC verified, 1=1 technology, ensures direct targeting, attribution, and scaling with wallet-ID based persona building.

A global body consisting of executives in the event production, management, marketing & technology realms. This council will ideate and vote on new product releases, how to use our community fund, and solution identification within the live event industry. The council is limited to the first 50 Lifetime tier Partners.

  1. Our team is comprised of live event experts with 10+ years of experience in producing, managing, marketing, and selling events all over the world. Combining this with the next evolution of web technology, Web3, brings a revolution to ticketing that experiences fraud, scalping, and gauging on a daily basis.
  3. Polygon, our choice of chain, is low-energy consuming, low carbon-emitting for the climate. Polygon has also committed to becoming carbon-neutral by the end of 2022. is committed to always remaining carbon-neutral.
  5. Crypto and fiat payments makes onboarding new consumers from web2 to web3 that much easier. Collaborative rewards structure enable fans to redeem rewards in various ways, making the experience no different than what they know already.

  1. Generation of more marketable data - Verified wallet ID based profiles provides a deeper understanding of the live events your fans are engaging with in the marketplace. Since these wallets are linked to a device, all data is verifiable and instantly up to date. From these profiles, our partners understand what channels are driving revenue, what personas are purchasing and what interactions are occurring that provide insight into other culture or trend related events, expanding your audience into a more verifiable look-a-like.
  3. Eliminate fraud and price gouging - With verified, 1=1 technology, all tickets are digitized and verified via the wallet they are currently in. Scan at the gate to verify the wallet and you know they are the ticket owner. As the event creator, you have 100% control over all fees, including secondary market mark ups. This keeps bulk buyers and resellers from increasing the ticket value astronomically.
  5. Perpetual & Net-new Revenue - Fan engagement = increased value and with NFT ticketing, you as the event creator can make perpetual revenue based on each rent or resell of your tickets issued. Plus, by adding additional perks into each tickets "smart contract", you can entice new channels of revenue organically.

Unlockable content refers to content embedded within your assets that only become visible after an interaction such as attending an event, selling or gifting your NFT.

For example, once a ticket is redeemed your ticket may transform to include high res files, videos from the event, secret messages etc.

A crypto wallet is an application or hardware device that allows users to store and transfer digital assets like cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). You can choose to connect a crypto wallet, but all tickets will still show up under your User Profile.

How do they work? When you download a crypto wallet, you take control of two 42-character keys; a public key, known as your wallet address, and a private key. You can think of your public key as your shareable bank account info, so copy and paste it in when people ask for your address. Your private key works like a password and should remain private.


Security: Keeping your funds safe

Understanding risk is key to successfully navigating the brave new world of crypto and NFTs. If you forget your password to the, you can reset your password at

If you forget your password to your Metamask wallet, you can get access to your wallet via your “seed phrase”, a series of words that accompany all wallet addresses. It’s good practice to write down and safely store your seed phrase in multiple places when you first download your wallet, so if you can't find it, search online for info or reach out to your wallet provider before buying NFTs or storing digital currencies.

We have built-in native fiat payment acceptance via the Stripe payment platform, enabling fans to buy with credit/debit card. We also enable fans to purchase in crypto, including BTC, ETH, MATIC, USDC and several other currencies.

Utilizing “smart contracts” in our NFT ticket sales, INSID3RS.IO enables event creators to receive royalty payments not only on the initial sale of a ticket but continuing royalties on each subsequent sale on the secondary market. This is also possible with concerts, sporting events, private popups, conferences, theme parks - basically anything with a ticket!

The smart contract lives on the NFT indefinitely. Each time an NFT ticket or other asset is sold on a secondary marketplace, event creators are routed their percentage.

More troubling is that secondary ticket sites and scalpers, utilizing bots, purchase large blocks of tickets for events when they are first released. This allows the scalpers and secondary sites to corner the ticket market to drive up prices and demand. The costs and fees can end up being four to five times the face value, which can price even diehard fans out of attendance.

Worse for the event creator is that zero percent of the revenue from those secondary sales goes back to benefit them.


With NFTs and smart contracts, can help fix this.